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Above photo shows the new MIDI Interface designed for the Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm Drum Machine

Our IR remote control and other products:

IRMimic: Learning remote control transmitter

IRMimic2: Learning remote control transmitter with macros

TinyIR: Learning remote control receiver (not recommended for new designs)

TinyIR2: Advanced learning remote control receiver

IRVC: IR master for remote volume control

IRVC2: IR master for remote volume control with support for 1x16 LCD module

FreqShow: Function generator LCD frequency display

WWVB Chiming Clock: Accurate self-setting clock with selectable chime waveforms

WWVBGen: WWVB Time Code generator for testing WWVB clocks

Z80ICE: Z80 In-Circuit Emulator for maintaining vintage computers

LogICTester: 7400,LS,S,HC,C and 4000 series chip tester

We also offer electronics and software design services, with flexible licensing options to support your higher-volume production needs.


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